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Henkel 1347937 Duro Super Glue Stanley Tools GS15DT Dualmelt Glue Sticks Glue-All E1323 Glue
Makes clear, permanent bonds in seconds on almost any non-porous material, including jewelry, china, rubber and metals. Use on ceramics, metal, rubber and most plastics. Used in all purpose applications, high/low temperature glue guns. In high temperature glue guns the sticks are used for household repairs, carton sealing, hobby projects and much more. In low temperature glue guns for bonding heat sensitive materials such as ribbon, Styrofoam, dried flowers and bead work. Set time 25 to 30 seconds. For all porous materials, best on paper, cloth, wood, pottery, cardboard, etc. Designed for general repair and household or craft projects of consumers and light DIYers. No clog, easy-flow cap. Free flowing, dries strong, paintable. Safe and easy to use, ACMI certified non-toxic.
Loctite 235495 Loctite - Quick Tite Super Glue Gel Henkel 1347649 Duro Super Glue Devcon DV90225 Plastic and Model Cement
Works on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, vertical applications and small gaps. Dries clear and sets without clamping. Resistant to moisture, most chemicals and freezing temperatures. Self-piercing. Makes clear, permanent bonds in seconds on almost any non-porous material, including jewelry, china, rubber, ceramics and most plastics. For bonding plastic models and toys.  Can be used on Styrofoam. Dries clear. Sets in 10 minutes.
Glue-All E3810 Glue Stanley Tools GS230S Glue Sticks Franklin Titebond Original Wood Glue
For interior home repairs and quick fixes. Bonds strong to a variety of surfaces. Goes on white, dries clear. Easy water clean-up. Non-toxic. Makes fast permanent bonds. Glue, caulk, and set time 25 to 60 seconds. No shelf life limit like tube and bottle glues. Use to bond wood, hardboard, particleboard, leather, cloth and most other porous materials. Strong initial tack. Superior strength, fast drying time and sandable. Heat and solvent-resistance. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.
Elemer's E7000 Wood Glue ITW Permatex 80328 Permatex Weatherstrip Cements Arrow AP5 Glue Sticks
For interior repair and building projects. Sandable and paintable. Goes on yellow, dries yellow. Water clean-up. Non-toxic. A translucent cement and sealer which bonds in minutes. Dries to a tough, strong bond. Flexible, tough, waterproof; bonds metal, glass and rubber. For door and windshield weatherstripping. For crafts, hobbies and general repairs. For woodworking, canvas, cardboard, ceramics, fabrics, leather, metal, plastics, etc. Press surfaces together within 15 seconds. Sets in 30 to 60 seconds. 4" sticks break to 2" for thumb feed models. For use in all 1/2" Arrow glue guns and other standard size glue guns.
Duco VersaChem Household Cement Elmer's E304 School Glue Loctite 1716815 Stik-N-Seal Outdoor Adhesive
An all-purpose adhesive that offers a quick, permanent, yet flexible bond that never becomes brittle. Use to bond or make repairs on plastic, metal, wood, china, glass and ceramics  Dries clear. Sets in just 5 minutes. Pin-point dispenser tip. Washes out in soap and water - even after drying. Provides fast, strong bond on wood, paper, cloth, and other porous materials. Ideal for children. Shatter-resistant plastic squeeze bottle. No-clog, easy-flow cap. Dries clear and odorless. Safe and non-toxic, ACMI certified. Versatile high-performance adhesive sealant formulated for all-purpose projects and repairs. Designed to address the daily needs, both indoor and outdoor.
Elmer's E511 All Purpose Glue Stick Loctite 233841 Instant All Purpose Adhesive Glue-All E3820 Glue
Household, office and school projects involving paper, photos, fabric, polystyrene foam. Dries fast, clear and colorless. Handy twist-up applicator. Launders out with soap and water. Safe, non-toxic - as defined by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. Formulated for bonding all types of glass to itself and glass to non-porous materials. Water and heat resistant. Dries clear, sets without clamping and dishwasher safe. Crystal clear. Self-piercing tube. For interior home repairs and quick fixes. Bonds strong to a variety of surfaces. Goes on white, dries clear. Easy water clean-up. Non-toxic.
Weldit S-182\50105 All Purpose Adhesive Permatex 81844 2-Part Rear View Mirror Adhesive Franklin Titebond II Weatherproof Wood Glue
An all-purpose adhesive that has a flexible bond and never becomes brittle. Perfect as a vinyl mender. Use on plastic, metal, wood, glass and ceramics. Insulates and stops leaks. Sets in 5 minutes. Chemical resistant. Approved and used by GM, Ford and Chrysler. Permanently remounts mirrors to windshields. Achieves handling strength in seconds; mirror-mounting strength in 15 minutes. ODC-free. Two part, 0.01 ounce adhesive and 0.02 ounce primer. Use for woodworking projects including outdoor furniture, birdhouses, mailboxes, planters and picnic tables. Strong initial tack. Resists solvents, heat and water. Sands easily without softening. Safe to use. Easy water clean up. Environmentally safe. FDA approved for indirect food contact (cutting boards).
Krazy Glue KG821-48R Instant All Purpose Adhesive Elmer's KG58548R Krazy Glue Instant Adhesive GLUE SUPER GORILLA 3G 1PK
Strong, long lasting bond. Specially formulated to bond porous wood, leather and vinyl surfaces. Bonds balsa wood in less than 15 seconds. One drop applicator tip for more control. Convenient and protective leakproof, airtight case. One drop applicator. No mixing, no mess. For plastics, metal, rubber, glass, wood. Leakproof, airtight, stay fresh container with stand-up base. For a variety of household projects. Developed for long-lasting repairs in an instant. Dries in 10?30 seconds and is reinforced with rubber for increased impact resistance. High-performance formula. Anti-clog cap with a metal pin inside to ensure an airtight seal for maximum reusability. Not repositionable. Translucent. Dry time: light handling after 1-5 minutes. Full cure in 24 hours.
Versa Chem S-243 Medium Strength Threadlocker Krazy Glue KG785-48R All Purpose Adhesive Seal-all 380112 Contact Adhesive
Cures between engaged threads to resist leakage, shock and vibration. Formulated for bonding similar and dissimilar materials. For applications requiring keeping nuts and bolts from loosening, yet allowing removal when needed. Non-shrinking formula, will not crack. Temperature and chemical resistant. Sets in 1 hour. 1,600 psi bond strength. Remove with ordinary tools. For everyday household repairs and projects. No mixing, no mess. One drop application. For plastic, metal, rubber, glass, ceramic. Convenient and protective leakproof, airtight case. Same strong Krazy Glue bond but will not bond skin instantly. For household, auto, boat or RV repairs. Requires no mixing or heating. Resists water, gasoline, oil, alcohol and most solvents. Dries fast without losing strength. Acts as a glue and sealant on a wide variety of materials. Seals, bonds, insulates and waterproofs. For the hobbyist, handyman, sportsman or mechanic to use on wood, steel, aluminum, copper, most plastics and rubber, porcelain, glass and china, vinyl, fiberglass, canvas, and many more. 2 to 3 minute dry time; 2 to 6 hour cure time.
Krazy Glue KG581-48CLS Instant All Purpose Adhesive Loctite 234790 Loctite - Gel Control Super Glue Gel Loctite 230992 Loctite - Quick Tite Super Glue
Bonds plastic, metal, wood, rubber, and glass. Contains a pack of two, each tube perfect for one use only. Comes on a clip strip. Works on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces and vertical applications. Pin-point side-squeeze dispensing. Dries clear and sets without clamping. Resistant to moisture, most chemicals and freezing temperatures. Self-piercing, no-clog cap. No-drip, stand-up container. Longneck bottle features a precision tip, which allows controlled application without dripping. Easy-open cap with a metal pin that cleans and seals the nozzle for a clog-free performance. Bonds a variety of materials. Dries clear and sets without clamping. Resistant to moisture, most chemicals and freezing temperatures.
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