Maury Farmers Cooperative
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For over 70 years Maury Farmers

Cooperative has faithfully been serving the needs of Maury county agricultural communities.
From the time it was chartered on September 11, 1945, Maury Farmers Cooperative management,
employees, and the directors have demonstrated a progressive attitude and philosophy
that has proven instrumental in its success. In the early days, the fledgling business, which was organized by a group of farmers with exceptional foresight and determination, offered primarily seed, feed, and fertilizer. Today, Maury Farmer's Co-op offers something for everyone in the marketplace. There is access to over 50,000 different products, and a variety of custom services, which include bulk feed delivery, fertilizer spreading and on the farm tire service. You don't have to be a member to buy or take advantage of all these services.

Keith Farmer: General Manager -email

Carl Johnson: Assistant Manager-email

Rob Eubank: Chief Financial Officer-email

Kyle Markum: Agronomy Specialist- email

Bruce Odom: Tire Center Manager- email

Jeff Fox: Fertilizer Plant Manager- email