Since its humble beginnings in 1945, Maury Farmers Cooperative has worked to meet the needs of Maury County’s farmers and serve the area’s agricultural community. It was the need for a source of quality, reliable farm inputs that inspired the forward-thinking organizers of the cooperative to come together to establish this business that has served the area for so long. In the beginning, its product offerings were simple — fertilizer, seed, and feed. But today, the hometown Co-op store offers the community so much more.
Anyone can shop at Co-op, and our product mix reflects the diverse needs of our community. We pride ourselves on our service, knowledge and our dedication to our farmers, farmer families, and other customers.
In 2020, as Maury Farmers Cooperative celebrates its 75th anniversary, the Co-op will open a 60,000-square-feet facility on the bypass in Columbia. This gleaming addition to the Co-op’s history will position it for future growth as we work to welcome new customers and provide new products that we’re sure will help us develop even closer ties to our community.
Farmers can rest assured they will still have access to the latest in agronomy and livestock products and services. And we will continue to do everything we can to ensure our farmer-owner’s success. We’re looking forward to continuing to provide products, expertise, and services to existing customers as well as to those we are yet to meet.  

Board Members

left to right - John Moser , Neil Delk , Vice President Jerry Gardner, Paul Gibson, Secretary Vicky Ingrum, Chairman Ken Cecil, Jim Bratton.